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Each concert will contain most of the following popular selections of Sacred Hymns from the Carpathian Mountains.  Additional selections will be announced at each parish.  Recordings of these selections and others used in the concert program will be available in CD and DVD format for purchase at the concert.

Typical Concert Program
Marian Hymns
Prizri, O Marije
Christiane Proslavlajme
Mary, Look Upon Us
My Soul Magnifies the Lord
All the Faithful
Choral Arrangements
Svatij Boze
Ize Cheruvimi
Otce Nas
Holy God
Let Us Who Mystically
Our Father
Lent and Pascha
Christos Voskres
Plotiju usnuv
Anhel vopijascje
Christ is Risen
You O King and Lord
The Angel Exclaimed
Christmas Hymns
Nebo i zemla
So nebes ahel
Radost nam sja
Heaven and Earth
Angels from Heaven
Joyful Tidings Come Our Way
Mnohaja l'ita
Many Years!