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Physical Location & Buildings

The Blessed Theodore Romzha Theological Academy is the seminary of studies for the Eparchy of Mukachevo in Uzhorod, Ukraine.  It houses approximately 100 students and staff.  The main building includes the refectory, class rooms and sleeping rooms for seminarians and faculty.  A new separate chapel serves for all prayer services.  The grounds and other buildings provide gardening and livestock, making the seminary self-sufficient for food and other needs.

Program of Studies

The program of studies at the Romzha Theological Academny includes basic theology of the Byzantine Catholic Church, along with a wide range of courses in scripture, liturgy, spirituality, homiletics, chant, and other topics to prepare young men for the priesthood.  The full program includes seven years of study along with various pastoral assignments.  The seminarians also support special events that take place during the year such as the feast day celebrations of Blessed Theodore.

Seminary Life

The daily schedule of activities at the Romzha Theological Academy includes celebration of the Daily Office, academic classes, meal preparation and service, and personal prayer and spiritual development.  Many seminarians plan to serve as married priests and therefore dating and other activities with young women are included in their formation.  Student rooms usually house 2-3 seminarians and so communal living and interpersonal relationships are all part of the development of future priests.

Photos of the Blessed Theodore Romzha Theological Academy and the seminarians.

seminary/SIMG_1737.JPG seminary/SIMG_1732.JPG seminary/SIMG_1725.JPG seminary/S100_3024.JPG
seminary/S100_3016.JPG seminary/SIMG_1736.JPG seminary/SIMG_1727.JPG seminary/SIMG_1724.JPG
seminary/SIMG_1723.JPG seminary/S100_2991.JPG seminary/S100_2990.JPG seminary/S100_2989.JPG