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The Eparchy of Mukachevo is located in the southwestern corner of present-day Ukraine with the cathedral, chancery and bishop's residence in the city of Uzhorod.  It was created on September 19, 1771 and is the "mother" Church of all Ruthenian eparchies of the Catholic Church throughout the world.
It has 1.2 million faithful and 200 clergy.

Icon screen and interior of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross

These include:
     Metropolia of Pittsburgh, USA
          and the Eparchies of Passaic, Parma & Van Nuys
     Metropolia of Preshov, Slovakia
          and the Eparchies of Kosice and Bratislava
     Eparchy of Hajdudorog, Hungary
          and the Exarchate of Miskolc, Hungary
     Exarchate of Serbia and Montenegro
     Exarchate of the Czech Republic

Bishops of the Ruthenian eparchies around the world visit Mukachevo Castle

Eparchy of Mukachevo

vul. Zakarpatska 18

88017 Uzhorod 


Phone: (03122) 43-966

Fax: (03122) 12-226

Cathedral of the Holy Cross on a hilltop in the center of Uzhorod
Mukachevo Castle
View of the surrounding country from the Mukachevo Castle